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why dogs are awesome (21 pictorial reasons why dogs are a great investment.)

LOOK: 21 Reasons A Dog Is The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

Funny pictures about Mutual pillow. Oh, and cool pics about Mutual pillow. Also, Mutual pillow.

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Now this man has style, he is cycling in a tie and has a puppy down his jacket (notice the little black head sticking out the front) and one trusting dog on his back. What a beautiful thing to behold :-)

i don't want a dog but oh my, these pictures are everywhere right now and they're melting my icy heart...

Dogs and Babies Sleeping 12 pics cute babies animals dogs kids baby adorable dog puppy animal pets funny animals funny pets heart warming funny dogs

Todos los niños deberían tener 2 cosas: - Un perro - Una madre que le deje tener un perro :)

I LOVE this one and it is so TRUE. But, I think I love my fur babies as much as they do me.

Awww... <3 <3 <3 <3...

I will protect you, tiny human. Labs & babies melt my heart

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fotos de animales ,gran tamaño y ternura

Beautiful German Shepherd dog and baby. Don’t worry kid, I’ve got your back! For more cute dogs and puppies

This picture makes my heart absolutely  melt!

Homeless man with his best friend.this picture bring tears to my eyes.how homeless this man is, he has a friend for comfort. and the feeling is mutual.

Sorry but even though this is not the sexiest pool to own it's definitely the happiest.

Funny pictures about Doggy Pool Party. Oh, and cool pics about Doggy Pool Party. Also, Doggy Pool Party photos.

20 Cliche Newborn Photos Starring A Dog...I am dying. This is so me. Jordan would absolutely hate this hahah

'A cliche newborn photo shoot starring a dog.' (Jack Russell Terriers have so much expression!

:-P <3

My stbernard is exactilly like this he always lays in my bed I have a full bed but he still takes up the whole thing!

Hippie Peace Freaks  The simple things in life like a smile, a hug, a kiss are priceless treasures. Enjoy the simple things.... ♥

50 Toddlers Who Are Best Friends With Their Dogs

Funny And Cute Dog Pictures: If some of these don't make you smile then I don't know what will! Priceless pics of canines. Some of them with funny sayings.