Flak 88- 02 | by Carpet lego:

My most recent rendition of the German artillery piece used during WWII. Although I have made countless other models, this one I believe is by far the most accurate yet.

Humvee Payload

This scene is the exact reason I wanted to build an Osprey in the first place. I built a copy of my Humvee for the occasion.

LEGO Is As Close We've Got To An Actual Destiny Weapon

LEGO Is As Close As We've Got To An Actual Destiny Weapon

This is Destiny’s MIDA Multi-tool Scout Rifle. Elliott Feldman spent a few months building it, and he’s done a hell of a job.

Lego Mini Cobra by Jason D.., via Flickr

This is my mini Lego Cobra it has a rotatable nose machine gun and missle pods,i first got the idea of makeing the Cobra after first playinf on PC.

Future Sport | by mondayn00dle

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