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Yes please

Own A Horse. It has always been a lifelong dream to own a horse, I remember when I won on a scratch ticket I almost got a horse, instead wisely used it as a down payment on a home. :( One day, I WILL OWN A HORSE!

Hopefully one day, no matter how many other people wish for it. No matter how unrealistic it may seem. ♥

A Collegiette's Summer Bucket List

evening wine picnic at the eiffel tower. wishing this for for my Paris loving beautiful princess one day. if she finds someone to do this for her when she is all grown up, he might just be close to good enough for her:-)

On my bucket list..van mijn 12 t/m 19 e jaar elk jaar met oma en opa naar Zwitserland..de rit er naar toe genoot ik er al van..we gingen niet skieen maar gewoon elke dag een ander dorpje bekijken en genieten van het mooie natuur,de watervallen enz..mooie en dierbare herinneringen   ..en ter nagedachtenis aan oma en opa wil ik nog 1 keer naar hun favoriete land en voor mezelf ook de mooie herinneringen en herkenning op nieuw voelen en beleven...Staat hoog in mijn lijstje..L.Loe

I went to Switzerland in July 2013 and it was spectacular! I cant wait to go back because its the most beautiful place on earth that Ive ever seen.

go to hawaii #bucket list #before i die  been there done that 1983, the year that tom selleck was magnium p.i.  hawaii is as beautiful as we see in movies & pictures.  alhola

Go to Hawaii list I Die Been there done that The year that Tom Selleck was Magnium P. Hawaii is as beautiful as we see in Movies & pictures. aloha- ok to take Dan!

it is the greatest!  It used to be n annual tradition in the Beebe household!  Everyone should go at least once!  :)

Experience Christmas in New York - Most Amazing Place To Be At Christmas Time!

Bucket list!!

Not just learn to surf but also get in the wave like they do in All the movies aha