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Plaid h.NAOTO Fashion, Striped Socks, Studded Heels Piercings in Harajuku

Plaid h.NAOTO Fashion, Striped Socks, Studded Heels & Piercings in Harajuku (Tokyo Fashion News)

Plaid h.NAOTO Fashion, Striped Socks, Studded Heels & Piercings in Harajuku (Tokyo Fashion News)

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Sex Pot Revenge Skirt in Harajuku

Punk Lolita

Japanese fashion in TheGirlsStuff.


A very eerily beautiful gothic coordinate by chokelate.

Japanese Street Style http://tupersonalshopperviajero.blogspot.com.es/2013/11/japanese-street-style.html

Alumi is a friendly Japanese lolita who we see around Harajuku really often. Her look here includes a Hangry & Angry gothic dress, top hat, striped socks, skulls & Yosuke platforms.

Tokyo fashion style ( my favorite place for design and fashion )

Hangry & Angry Dress, Parasol & h.

Harajuku Girl w/ Piercings, Pink-Blue Hair, h.NAOTO, Putumayo & Winged Creepers (Tokyo Fashion, 2015)

Harajuku Girl w/ Piercings, Pink-Blue Hair, h.

This is Ringo, a cute girl with twin tails we’ve been seeing around Harajuku recently. She is 18 years old and she’s a student.

Twin-tailed Harajuku goth girl Ringo wearing an h.NAOTO corset with an Algonquins tutu, striped socks and lots of cool accessories

[Cyber Fashion] It's very hard to miss this Cyber Fashion on the street. Left: Mika, She is wearing layered tops with a ruffled handmade skirt and an Anna Sui car-shaped purse. She has pink and yellow hair falls in her twin tails, a plastic choker, faux-fur arm and leg warmers. The girl with green hair falls, gas mask, and goggles. She’s wearing a resale jacket over a crop top, a Pen & Lolly skirt and CyberDog suspender legwarmers. She told us her accessories are handmade. #CyberStyle

Harajuku Cyber Style w/ Pen & Lolly, CyberDog, Gas Mask & Hair Falls. With their colored cyber hairstyles and cyber fashion, these two girls were hard to miss walking around the streets of Harajuku together.

Harajuku girls wearing twin tails and mostly black rock-inspired outfits with chokers, mini skirts and striped socks, as well as cherry print, crosses and

/人 ◕ x ◕ 人\

Tokyo Harajuku streetstyle, looks like a dark anime character doesn't she?

skirt, jacket, stripes love it all but take off the boots and put my cute new heals with it ):)

Love the gothic/punk feeling in this

Tokyo Fashion

Vanitytours: This is Senanan, the fashion designer behind the indie Japanese fashion brand Qiss Qill. She has lilac and blue hair, with a FRESH.AM cap, a bandana and a face mask from her own label.

Moco in Fairy Kei Fashion in Harajuku.  *From Tokyo Fashion*

Independent Japanese fairy kei fashion designer Moco wearing items from Angelic Pretty, & Strawberry Planet in Harajuku.


Watashi wa Nihon no ōjodesu. Watashi wa Ōi no tame no ji, Watashi mo mata dokushindesu. Watashi wa, kaku gengo no sukoshi o shitte imasu.

✮ ~ 'Wafuku' Japanese traditional clothing ~ gyaru in kimono ~ ☽

OH MY GOG! These Harajuku girl's are so Kawaii in their Kimonos!