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"Crawling out of its old skin is very significant for those with this medicine. It is a metaphor for how we shed old ways and habits as we grow into higher spiritual energy symbolizing the death and rebirth process."

Rhino Viper as Totem - commission - Commission slots now available at Etsy: [link] * This piece is crafted on sturdy bend and damage-resistant Crescent . Rhino Viper as Totem

Owl... Magic, Omens, Time and space. Does the truth emerge? Casting out deception, Silent flight, Sacred Medicine Bird. (DECEPTION)

Owl Totem Card RIGHT - male side/father protector/courage/warrior spirit DECEPTION Clairvoyance - magic drawn to magical practices (bot NOT Black medicines or anything that hurts people) Speak Whole Truth no one can deceive me intuition

Black Widow Spider as Totem by Ravenari.deviantart.com     I love this young lady's artwork

Black Widow Spider as Totem Part of a series of commissions. You can read about black widow spider as a totem animal here: [link] * x (or Black Widow Spider as Totem

Yellow Snouted Gecko as Totem by *Ravenari on deviantART

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Tufted Deer as Totem by Ravenari on deviantART

Tufted Deer as Totem Original available at Etsy: [link] * x (or x 8 in) illo's board, fineliner, aquarelle, pencil, metallic and iridesc. Tufted Deer as Totem

Green Peacock as Totem by Ravenari on DeviantArt

Green Peacock / Peafowl as Totem From the 'as totems' request series. Green Peacock as Totem