Hilarious but don't think my neighbors would approve. But the mooning one isn't that bad?  Is it?

Decorating Your House For Halloween

IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS: Decorating Your Yard for Halloween - Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Hilarious Skeleton Decorations For Your Yard on Halloween

IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS: Decorating Your Yard for Halloween - Outdoor Halloween Decorations --- those ghosts around the tree are cute!

Halloween decorations

23 Wildly Inappropriate Pumpkins

cereal killer.....April!!! this is the scariest costume ever!

Funny pictures about The Cereal Killer. Oh, and cool pics about The Cereal Killer. Also, The Cereal Killer.

Funny Pumpkin Scarecrows. If I dared to do this my grandkids would never stop talking about it for years! Only the back side I might dare, but unlikely.

23 Wildly Inappropriate Pumpkins

I would never have this in my yard but I have to say it made me laugh. Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas: Cool and Funny Pumpkins

How do pumpkins come to this world? :) #Halloween #scary #jackolantern

Image: How Halloween was born - Nursing Humor / Share Jokes LOVE this! You've got to be a labor and delivery nurse to appreciate this.

Midnight in the Garden of Evil: September 2011

"Awesome Pumpkin Scare crow - use chicken wire and branches for body and drape black plastic bags for cloak. this is Burtons scarecrow at the MOMA from 'sleepy hollow'…"

Decorate your Halloween home with all of your favorite PEANUTS characters. This limited-edition tabletop tree showcases Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock and the whole gang, along with glowing LED lights, "flying" bats and Jack-o-Lanterns.

PEANUTS It's The Great Pumpkin Tabletop Tree

Skeleton dogs chasing a skeleton - Love it!!

pack of dog skeletons chasing human skeleton zombies dogs, for yard Halloween Decor-Yikes! Run, Run run for your lives, werewolves werewolf skeletons chasing

Bones in the Graveyard

Bones in the Graveyard A bony figure sets a spooky scene in your grassy front yard. Set up a skeleton head, arms, and legs as if he's relaxing on his final resting spot. Plastic posts and a headstone

I wanna do this to Hailey and Audrey's house!!!!

Pictures of the day: 31 October 2008

A scarecrow made with pumpkins moons traffic from the front yard of a house in Sarasota, Florida

Halloween, the daytime

One of the challenges of setting up for Halloween is having the display look good during the day and night. I try to make all the elements come together at night for a creepy display but then some…