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What makes the series so interesting is the way it deliberately winds down. Over time the character dynamic changes, and things become apparent that were only hinted at in the opening episodes. Cowboy Bebop ends as only a Japanese series could -- epic, heroic, and heartbreaking.

See you space cowboy..

‘Cowboy Bebop - Bang - Spike Spiegel’ Art Print by tikanesia

Spike; "Cowboy Bebop"

014 Cowboy Bebop - Spike Jet Fight Japan Anime 22"x14" Poster

I've never been one to dig characters like Spike, but he is one of the characters I will never stop liking.

Man spike can be deep...when he isn't swallowing cigarettes :3

Life will challenge you to do things… … sometimes, you just have to let go…

Cowboy Bebop- Spike is it just me or does he look a bunch like Jet from Avatar: The Last Airbender ?<<<<<<Because Jet was based on spike, the creators of avatar were huge fans!

Cowboy Bebop picture

Cowboy Bebop cast (clockwise): Faye Valentine, Ed Wong, Jet Black Spike Spiegel

Cowboy Bebop - Ed & Ein

HD Wallpaper and background photos of cowboy bebop for fans of Cowboy Bebop images.