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In an Impala. On an Impala. Beside an Impala. Just Dean and an Impala. That's all I want. Is that too much to ask for?

Edward cullen vs dean winchester

I'll take Dean Winchester in an Impala over Edward Cullen in a Volvo any day.

When the lights flicker... Normal people vs Supernatural fandom... Lol!

My whole family are supernatural fans so one time the lights flickered and before anyone could my mom yeld grab the salt! And we put salt around the house just to be safe

Winchester till the end

And thus comes full circle. Sammy was hated in early seasons for something he could not control and called an abomination. Now Dean is the Demon and Sam is the righteous man. <---while Dean was a demon yes.

But honey you should see him in a crown

Season in which Crowley remembers the Winchesters have problems with authority, and Dean remembers he looks good in a crown Sadly with SPN this is completely plausible.

[gifset] "A demon is a human soul, twisted and corrupted by its time in Hell."

[gifset] "A demon is a human soul, twisted and corrupted by its time in Hell." But guys do you understand what this means? It means that he's been going through hell this entire time.

Nobody hates you more than you do. 9x11 First Born. Click through for big pic.

First Born - Dean - I'm getting flashbacks to the confrontation with his dream self. "I know how you look in the mirror and hate what you see"