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Life hacks///these are cool little factoids, but I couldn't give a crap about the make up tips at the end…

i read the second one and started singing "head and shoulders knees and toes. then i said shampoo in that tune and realized it wasnt the song

In-N-Out Secret Menu ~

In-N-Out Secret Menu Infographic

Monday is National Junk Food Day, where will you be headed ? In-N-Out Secret Menu . Even exclamation "Yum!" doesn't do these burgers justice . I'm so going to be removed from my home by a forklift .

You will be amazed at these Cream Of Tartar Uses and we're sure that there's a few you don't know. We've included 9 of the best you will find.

Cream Of Tartar Uses You Didn't Know 9 Best Life Hacks

Fascinating history of ancient fabrics

Fascinating history of ancient fabrics

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Hippie Hole - Black Hills The Hike - South Dakota

My personal opinion, Hippie Hole is one of the most amazing hikes in the Black Hills! You can approach the waterfall with a short hike down Battle Creek

Route 66 attractions

This is an east-to-west listing of museums, oddities, and other wonderful and weird Route 66 attractions you'll find on your next road trip.

I just entered the Clos du Bois Summer Splurge Sweepstakes for a chance to win $15,000 to make this summer the best summer ever! Make sure you enter too!

Clos du Bois Summer Splurge Sweepstakes - ends - daily entries