Blc. Malworth ‘Orchidglade’ FCC/AOS 5"                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Charlesworthii x Blc. Malvern) This plant originated from Jones and Scully Co. back in the early It is still considered one if not the finest yellow cat

Lc. Irene Finney 'York' AM/AOS. - Odom's Orchids, Inc.

Odom’s Orchids, Inc. is one of the largest retail growers and shippers of orchids in the United States. We have the largest selection of high quality orchid plants found anywhere.

Orchid: Cattleya 'Elisabeth Fulton Michel' - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Orchid: Cattleya 'Elisabeth Fulton Michel' - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

orquideas raras

Rare Beauty Pleione maculata Lindl The contrasting colors spilling out of the pristine white is striking

Unas cuantas flores poco comunes

Unas cuantas flores poco comunes

43 Beautiful and Seldom Seen Flowers! UPDATED with more exotic flowers! The most unusual assortment of stunning flowers you will ever see.

Pleione formosana orchid!

Purple Orchid on Black Background - Pleione formosana orchid. This cold growing species is native to the mountains of Formosa.

Orchid: Cochleanthes flabelliformis

Orchid: Cochleanthes flabelliformis - Found in Jamaica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil at elevations of 250 to 1200 meters