Disney world Peter pans are the best

14 Reasons The Peter Pans At Disneyland Are The Most Adorable Thing Ever. Only been to Disneyland once and didn't meet Peter Pan. or even one single princess.


Tiana (Drawing by PocketPrincesses [For the full description and/or other pictures in the series, see my board "Pocket Princesses"]

3 Robins

The-one-who-doen't-die-Robin.Tim really is the only Robin who never pulled a death-stunt. How did I not realize this?

Kristoff is secretly the best Disney hero ever…he has a heart of gold, truly. I want my own Kristoff one day! <3

Why Kristoff is Secretly the Dreamiest Disney Guy Ever. More like "Not So Secretly" ^-^

Pocket Princesses Last Straw Like the entire rest of the Internet, PP has poked fun at the ‘new look’ a few times now, but this’ll be my last word on the matter. Even though the Princess redesign was for kid’s merchandise and NOT the die-hard.

Pocket princesses 69

Pocket Princesses 69 by Amy Mebberson Auction "Ooooh, an original EILONWY! I LOVED those books! No, the shipping would kill us.

Pocket Princesses #36 YESS PRINCESS LEIA IS A PRINCESS TOO!! Plus Disney is taking over Star Wars :))

Leia joins the Disney Pocket Princesses, not sure how I feel about this whole Star Wars/Disney thing, but this is cute

Pocket Princesses 128, Happy Thanksgiving! Cinderella, Tiana, Anna, Ariel and Merida

Pocket Princesses Happy Thanksgiving - And this is why you don't leave Merida, Anna, or Ariel in the kitchen.