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Long Live The Bat

herochan: “ Rogues of the Dark Knight - Collection 01 Series by Shawn Sheehan ”

I think that alfred looks the best among all of them. His fashion sense remains absolutely classy throughout all six seasons.

Gotham Crusaders--- Alfred literally doesn't change at all. How is Barbara Gordon Batgirl again when she was paralyzed from being shot by the Joker (in The Killing Joke) for so many years!

Bats is the completed pack

f(badass) = Sherlock Holmes + Zorro + Dracula = Batman

Foreshadowing; Who We Will Become.

Billedresultat for gotham tv show fan art

the beatles pop

All We Need Is Beatles

ria do Pop contempor?neo nos cartazes de um brasileiro

((GOTHAM)) This really does accurately describe it. XD

This is LITERALLY how I feel. A huge wash of pride is what I feel when my fave characters kill people