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Ju 52/3m Bomber and Transport Units 1936-41

Ju Bomber and Transport Units (Combat Aircraft) Ju 52 Bomber and Transport Units 1936 41 Combat Aircraft

PV Ventura/Harpoon Units of World War 2

A development of the successful Lockheed ‘medium twins' of the late the PV Ventura/Harpoon family of patrol bombers saw widespread service with both the US Navy/Marine Corps and the TAF and Commonwealth from October 1942 onwards.

He 111 Kampfgeschwader on the Russian Front

The twin-engined He 111 was the mainstay of the Luftwaffe's bomber arm at the start of World War ll. Accompanied by the Ju 87 Stuka dive-bomber, it provided the aerial striking power for all the early Blitzkrieg campaigns, sweeping all before it thro

Boston III AL754 of No. 107 Squadron RAF December 1942

Boston III AL754 of No. 107 Squadron RAF December 1942

A-3 Skywarrior Units of the Vietnam War

The Douglas Skywarrior, though something of a cult favourite, remains a largely unremarked classic of Naval Aviation. Built for nuclear weapon delivery, the made its name in Vietnam as a conventional bomber, tanker and Electronic Warfare platform.