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The Munsters Hot Rod - Pat Priest

Pat Priest, aka Marilyn Munster of TV's The Munsters, with the family car, the Munster Koach

I want to build one!

VW Beetle hot rod via doyoulikevintage Hot rods and Custom cars. Sometimes classic cars but mostly early hotrods and rat rods or custom cars like lowriders.

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This 1954 International fire truck was built by Rick Weyand in Stoystown, Pennsylvania. Rick came across the old fire truck at a junk yard next to the crusher.

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Afternoon Drive: Hot Rods & Rat Rods Photos) A hot rod is a specific type of automobile that has been modified to produce more power for racing straight ahead. The hot rod originated in the early.

As our story earlier this week showed, calling a collection of rusted metal a "rat rod" doesn't make it worth owning. A real "rat rod" still requires some craftsmanship, like what's on display here at the annual GoodGuys meet in this photo by CarolinaDoug. If you have a photo

How to do a rat rod interior right: Flickr photo of the day

Diesel  Rat Rod...rollen' coal!

A smoke spewing hand-built totally custom belly dragging Diesel Rat Rod For Sale. This smoking hot Diesel Rat Rod started life as a

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Lot of new projects!Now featuring full in house custom upholstery.Specializing in custom metal fabrication.Over 20 years of experience building street rods and custom cars.Building true old school hotrods and cool custom cars.


The majority of people building a rat rod now are actually employing this apparatus. A Rat Rod is a kind of car that's built with the support of old stuff.