"Tropical Deco" leaf border by Patricia E. Ritter -- Row - x Stencil - continuous line leaf -- from her fabulous website UrbanElementz which you should go explore, because her continuous-line quilting patterns are just this cool.

Take Five Paper Pantograph 4"

Take Five Paper Pantograph 4"

Take Five Quilt Design Quilt DesignIf you would like to use this design on the quilt you are sending to us to be quilted, please add to cart. No quantity is ne

Quilt pattern

Free Motion Quilting - Waiting for this to go on sale. I like the way the rows merge. There is a skinnier and a fatter loop but this one is perfect especially for sashings

Herringbone #2 - Pantograph

Pantograph machine quilting design, by Patricia Ritter and Leisha Farnsworth available at Urban Elementz.

Simply Squared 7" - 2 rows

Simply Squared quilting motif - Would also look awesome if the pink rows intersected with the black rows.