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Sam/Laptop [LOL there's also a song if you click through.] I am dying.click through and listen to the song.

I definitely just tried calling that number... Doesn't work anymore<<<<I just got this scary screeching noise.

16 things you didn't know-Supernatural: Eric Kripke's first version of the Supernatural pilot script ended with the Winchester brothers finding their Dad. He was dead on the ceiling!

the next disney princess is...

Funny pictures about Alarmingly accurate. Oh, and cool pics about Alarmingly accurate. Also, Alarmingly accurate.

10 x 23 My Brother's Keeper

Yeah Death keep your opinions to yourself, gosh! Can't you see my partially demonic brother and I are having a conversation?<<They were so terrified of him in the start, now--not so much.

A fan's relationship with Supernatural.

A fan's relationship with Supernatural. Or doctor who, or Merlin, or any fandom ever!