Mattias inks

Previous pinner said: "Moleskin art. I think I recognize this as the art of Mattias Adolfsson, but I could be totally wrong. Still, if you don't know who Mattias Adolfsson is, you should definitely look him up ^_^"

2.2 Sketchbook 2013 on Behance

Pages out of my Moleskine sketchbook from the year use to draw without doing pencil work first, i go straight with a Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment pen. A fault is a fault and belongs to the drawingat least most of the time.

Artist Draws Beautiful Emotive Portraits Of His Friends With Graphite -

Friendsbook by Thomas Cian - a mole for my friends, graphite on Moleskine sketchbook (via Colossal)