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Abgefundenes Wissen, klare Maschinerie Vewendung zum eigenen Zweck. Einzig dem Tod ausgeliefert und untergeben  Giger

my favorite artist, inspiration and influence, Hans Ruedi Giger. You left a mark.

HR Giger's "Lilith".

Hans Rudolf Giger, better know just as H. Giger is a Swiss artist, his paintings and sculpture and set designs are world renowned.


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This deck of Tarot cards was selected by HR Giger himself. The great artist selected previously published work to act as each of the Major Arcana.

HR Giger's Tarot of the Underworld

This week's posts reminded me that I have a copy of the HR Giger Tarot set published by Taschen under their Evergreen imprint in The set is Taschen's reworking of Giger & Akron's Baphomet.