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sid - cross-connect: Yoshinobu Miyamoto is a Japanese...

cross-connect: “ Yoshinobu Miyamoto is a Japanese architect, paper artist and engineer. His regular job is as a professor at the Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan where he lectures on spatial.

Strommast Kunst in Hattingen, Germany photo by by artists Chung-Ki Park li Hwang and Hae-Ryan Jeong - Mr Pilgrim

Environmental art by li Hwang, Hae-Ryan Jeong and Chung-Ki Park - stained glass pylon

Accordion Calendar 2010 by Bryan of Paper Foldables

Homestead: More Paper Craft Fun!

Inspiratie information design - Accordion Calendar 2010 by Bryan of Paper Foldables

Three Stage, Spherical, Semi-Spherical SML, Ellipsoid, ... A4 size base, paper t=178μm, 157g/m2

The Art of Paper Cut Kirigami Kirigami is the variation of origami (origami is the paper folding ).Kirigam is the different from origami. Mean of kirigami is paper cut (from japanese kiru meani

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Robert Janson’s Floating Plastic Bag Sculptures Resemble Giant Pink Jellyfish robert janson floating bag installation – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building


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quirky cardboard designs - These quirky cardboard designs are a great source of inspiration to infuse your household with some eco-friendly flair. Not only are these pieces m...

75 Quirky Cardboard Designs

33 Creative Cardboard Furniture Designs - From Folded Cardboard Furnishings to Comfy Waffle Seating (TOPLIST)


Serie of 4 pieces, working only with light and shadow. This work was created in an attempt to make a poster with an image without printing. Made by manually folding a paper of standard poster format x 85 cm), a composition is created of light and shad&

paper art : from http://www.flickr.com/photos/origomi/2831399935/

Amazing Examples of Paper Art

Math Craft Inspiration of the Week: The Origami Tessellations of Eric Gjerde