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Net has revealed the final image in a series of Dwarve photos from Peter Jackson's adaptation of J. R Tolkiens "The Hobbit.

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Thorin is nowhere near the same league as Aragorn. Thorin is a whiny butt who thinks of nothing but money and perhaps his own kin, and Aragorn is a man afraid of power and how it can make a man cruel.


I've been lied to. The whole reason I signed up for this was the cake! I was promised cake, I will have cake! (Me when I go to any party without cake.

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

Imagine when Thranduil figures out that his son and Tauriel went to Laketown just before Smaug came, and then his adorable relieved reaction when he sees that Legolas left before he could be burnt by dragon fire too.

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One last Goodbye

Thorin----> Excuse me while I go sob uncontrollably until I'm dehydrated.

This is popping up all over my dash and it's like GUYS NO PLEASE THIS ISN'T NECESSARY HAVE WE NOT BEEN HARMED ENOUGH but then I thought what the heck might as well so here you go.

"The eagles are here. That's my heart shattering into a million pieces.

Tbh I never understood a word of what they were saying in this scene, it's all just poetic gibberish to me

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:'( after every trailer and after every re-read of the book and after i hear the Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd

:'( after every trailer after the movie after i hear the Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd