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Ocean Imagination / Unsangdong Architects

Section Drawing- Unsangdong Architects’ proposal for the Thematic Pavilion of Yeosu entitled Ocean Imagination

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For use as an example of the graphic format to use only. You should create your program diagram using your formal language, not rectalinear .

deconstructive cities: paris, berlin, && new york… completely dissected into little bits, && then neatly organized according to shape and size, by french artist armelle caron.

Map ideas Deconstructive Cities: Paris, Berlin, and New York… completely dissected into little bits, and then neatly organized according to shape and size by French artist Armelle Caron.

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Development Diagrams

Basic diagrams displaying formal and circulation interactions on the site, simple programmatic layout of communal spaces and classrooms/labs, section cuts along both axes showing the multi-height spaces as well as the cantilevered classrooms.

Design Kindergarten by CEBRA

Gallery of In Progress: Design Kindergarten / CEBRA - 36

Mikkel Frost de CEBRA those lines at the ground with the different colours might be representing smth

Galeria de Arte e Arquitetura: Mikkel Frost de CEBRA - 5

Cheiljedang R center | JDS Architects

We need to create a CJ R&D Institute as a building which drives the ambitions of the company for sustainability and which represents futuristic thinking, both in its layout, its …


Gloriumptious Cheyenne Vandevoorde Project Gloriumptious aims to refocus what the dynamics of academic student life can be in the modern age. Gloriumptious is an active dormitory that not only accommodates the student body,…