"don't give myself  back to me" -Rumi

I need someone who will love me everyday, listen to my heart, share with me in tears of joy every part of ourselves laid upon the alter of our lives. Humbled in the presence of our souls together. Before you I've stood naked with my heart.

"You enter suddenly, and i'm nowhere again, inside the majesty" -Rumi

"You enter suddenly, and i'm nowhere again, inside the majesty" -Rumi

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Not my place to judge another persons path that makes them happy so long as it doesn't harm others. Live and let live without judgement or condemnation because someone else's path is different then yours. Happiness should be each of our paths

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Inspirational quote: When I run after what I think I want my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I sit in my own place of patience what I need flows to me and without pain.