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katherine wheeler - porcelain coral stone bracelets

Coral Jewelry - Stunning porcelain rock coral bangles by artist Katherine Wheeler - jewellery inspired by nature - organic forms jewelry design

Katherine Wheeler Ceramics — lash of the wolf

Katherine Wheeler Ceramics

Melbourne-based artist Katherine Wheeler creates mysterious and fragile jewelry in an impulsive and intuitive manner so that it retains the .

The Awesome Project – Handmade porcelain journey from Romania via #ImaginativeBloom

bee necklace Solar System necklace, Handmade porcelain bangles by The Awesome Project The Pillar earrings Vintage sequin and hand by SarahS.

nature and artifice - finger rings and mini gardens. hands a source of creativity and life. by mayra

Idée et inspiration Bijoux : Image Description "Wear Nature," commands Colorado's Mr. Lentz, and who am I to disobey? Multidisciplinary artist Evan Lentz embeds his wooden rings with preserved moss, so they're safe for black thumbs, too.

porcelain jewelry; from Melbourne http://www.goldenink.com.au/  via holdtight.tumblr.com

New rings from GOLDEN INK-AUSTRALIA . Golden Ink is a collaborative label between printmaker Abby Seymour and jeweller Katherine Wheeler.


Monique Péan Hand Carved Geometric Bangles

JuJu Made - Ceramic Bangles

JuJu Made - Ceramic Bangles. I think I would be afraid to wear ceramic bangles…