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In all the animal kingdom, it’s hard to think of an animal equipped with a more extensive arsenal than the Octopus.

An octopus with a grudge:  Inside the mind of a cephalopod

"Deep Intellect: Inside the Mind of the Octopus" (article) (via Orion) (November/December The author visits an octopus to explore the evidence that octopi have intelligence, emotions, and individual personalities.

Cephalopods (sepias, squids, octopus) , photos of mimic octopus and other rare animals - Tintenfisch-Fotos (Sepias, Kraken, Oktopoden) unter anderm vom Mimik-Oktopus und Blauring-Oktopus

Dark Roasted Blend: Awesome Octopi: Cephalopods from Outer Space Veined octopus - Octopus marginatus - puts on a neon show.

National Geographic - Giant Pacific Octopus - Discovery Channel Animal P.

A coconut octopus

A coconut octopus in the Steinhart Aquarium. - Click the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis!