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One eye by YAMsgarden on DeviantArt

One eye Patreon EDIT: I was going to post the second part tomorrow but I just merge them together afterall!

Lazy Uncreative Title Here

Anonymous said: Does lil' pup get nightmares? Answer: “IT’S TIME”

Undertale and Monster INC

Lol there's totally no monsters in the closet. at night Papyrus BURSTS through the closet door screaming NYEH and throws a plate of spaghetti at you

#undertale, #frisk, #asgore

Just meme it!

Always thought that Asgore WOULDN'T be encouraging you at many different parts of the game.

Drop pop candy is seriously stuck in my head

Sans and Papyrus - karaoke - comic<<< Play the drop pop candy sans & papyrus version while scrolling thought this!