well you know...careers "Liv It Up..." because "its a teenage waistland out there" hehe i love alexander ludwigs new song <3

I remember seeing him in Race to Witch Mountain. :P I was about 14 and thought he was cute.

Sick and twisted is the whole point of the Hunger Games, people!

Wow <<< real age casting has power<<< I haven't watched the movies, but, yeah. The actual horror of CHILDREN slaughtering eachother for entertainment is all sorts of horrifying.

I actually thought this the entire series. Like, was the only continent that survived North America? The EU needs to intervene or something.

But also I thought they said Panem was North America. Katniss said something about they used to call this land North America

A little girl who’s smarter than most media networks

A little girl who’s smarter than most media networks…


So you mean to tell me, you've trained your whole life for the Hunger Games, and you can't shoot a bow and arrow, or climb a tree?<<<This is for the movies

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Well in the book it had just rained not far from there so that's why she touched it.

That is exactly what o thought during the movie scene. Not in the book tho. You can hear her thoughts on the book so it makes more sense

funny anna frozen - Buscar con Google

This is so true, I was born ready. I hope that this movie is pretty close to the book, because I had read it times and I am a really hard critic. Catching Fire was pretty close, so I'm hoping that both Mockingjay parts will be too

Thg funnies

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Peeta's leg wound in movie vs book. the books are always 100 times better, plus in the book they amputated his leg, but in the movie they ignored that VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL !