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Avengers #45. The Super-Adaptoid. #Avengers

Lot Detail - The Avengers 48 Marvel Comics (Featuring John Buscema, Vince Colletta, George Roussos and George Tuska Cover/Art;

I have this issue of The Avengers.  This is a great issue.

Legion of Superheroes Homage to Avengers 114 ( Infinite Timelines : A Time To Die & A Time to Love - Chapter 14 ), in Aidan (Re-Legion…

what if marvel comics | What If? Vol 1 29 - Marvel Comics Database

What If? Vol 1 29

What If? October cover by Michael Golden What if the Avengers Defeated Everybody?

Avengers #31.  www.ephemeritor.com

Oldest comic I could find in my collection. I had a lot more but apparently a "Mouse" got into my most valuable collectibles when I was in the Navy.

Jungle Action #9 cover by Gil Kane

The comic would rate a grade of Very Fine condition. We have also provided a scan of the actual cover.

Lote 42841857: AVENGERS #35, MARVEL, 2.000, USA.

The Avengers Infinity make their way to Selandiar and confront the Imperial Majestrix Lilandra.