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Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Helios 天馬に憧れた少女 by 祀花よう子 on pixiv

Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Helios. Wonder if it's just me, but I never did like the whole Helios Chibi Moon Pairing.

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Sailor Moon #ChibiUsa

Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon (ChibiUsa) - Artwork by Naoko Takeuchi for Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Series- Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Sailor Cosmos, Chibi Moon, Kousagi (Sailor Parallel Moon), Chibi Chibi Moon

Sailor Moon Series: Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Cosmos, Chibi Moon, Kousagi (Sailor Parallel Moon), ChibiChibi Moon and Princess S.Moon (from live action PGSM)

Chibiusa/Rini/Sailor ChibiMoon. I dunno why pepole hate her, I kinda find her cute! Plus, her Pink Sugar Heart Attack always cracks me up!! lol

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