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Decorare con il cibo: alcune idee

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Watermelon Beetle Covertible -  What could be cooler than a convertible in the summer?

Watermelon Beetle Convertible

Watermelon Carving Ideas - Make the most of melon season by having a little fun with fruit! Try these watermelon carving ideas for your next summer party.

Watermelon Submarine for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Party.   http://www.watermelon.org/Carvings/Watermelon-Submarine-49.aspx#

Carving food is fun! We’ve carved a rose from a tomato and made a simple punch bowl from a watermelon. Of all fruits, watermelon is the easiest to carve. Here are some amusing edible crafts m…

Food could be fun as well as delicious! Enjoy these fantastic examples

35+ amazing examples of fun food for kids (and you too

Kermit the Frog apples are a healthy snack. Green and red apples are carved to appear like the famous Muppet star. Serve these apple slices with a peanut butter marshmallow dip. Kermit the Frog apples are a good way to convince your kids

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Ninja Bento - Hard boiled egg wrapped in nori! Definitely going to do this one for my 2 boys!

It's just in a cat's nature to hunt. They're not necessarily doing it for fun, it's just how they were when they used to be wild creatures, and it's just part of their nature now.

How Much Does A Cat Kill? (The Oatmeal)

How Much Does A Cat Kill? (The Oatmeal) "Man's adorable little serial Killers"

Creation on fruit  www.flowmagazine.gr

Easy enough idea. Apples and some fruit and voilla! Great party idea, kid snack, or even horse treat!

Hungry Happenings: Butterfly Fruit Pizza is colorful and sweet.

Butterfly fruit pizza recipe, edible crafts, summer food, kids party treat, dessert recipes for kids

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FRUIT LOBSTER FUN FEAST Cantaloupe and apple slices for the claws. Slice chunk of watermelon for the face. I use raisins for the eyes but.

bwaaahahahhaaa!!  Watermelon Jesus fruit art #fruitart

Cruising Fruit and Veggie Art

The funniest food creations will make you laugh so hard. Creations made of food: meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits. Enjoy this big image gallery

40 amazing fruit and vegetable carvings to please your taste buds | Greendiary : Greendiary – Let's go green and save the environment for a sustainable future

Play with Fruits and Vegetables The art of carving foods is an Eastern custom that has been adopted by creative food preparers around the world.