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Even "angry Patrick" has a fucking smile on his face I can't

Fall Out Boy recreating Take This to Your Grave album artwork 10 years later

Fall Out Boy now and then. I love this picture, literally makes me realize we grew up together (:

((FC: Patrick Stump. This is a edit photo I found.)) Hey, I'm Patrick. I'm a angel and these are my wings when they are out. I can sing and play the guitar. I don't get along with most demons but some are kind. I'm 18 and single.

// "I thought of angels, choking on their halos, get them drunk on rose water. See how dirty i can get them, pulling out their fragile teeth, and clip their tiny wings." probably the creepiest FOB lyrics imo.

All me just me I miss MCR love p!atd fob

Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and My Chemical Romance = Emo Trinity<< fall out boy is not emo anymore.<<< emo will never leave fall out boy's soul

"Baby seasons change but people don't" is a complete lie when it comes to them, they're still the best people in the world ;)

"Baby seasons change but people don't" is a complete lie when it comes to them

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My heads in heaven, my soles are in hell, so let's meet in the purgatory of my hips and get well.

my parents did not sign the permission slip for this FEELtrip

Patrick Stump is freaking hot :D i know you ppl agree with me lol :)

Patrick Stump's Weight Loss fitmitch: “ excitedtobefit: “ In an interview with AP, Patrick talked about his weight loss (as well as his music) and some of the things he said are great.