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Office display. NASA/Glenn Research Center. April 30, 1973.

NASA/Glenn Research Center.

French Periodic Table (black), made to order to look like the old, real thing. Charming!

The Best Geek Gifts on Earth, Because Science

Cerebral, science-y, well-traveled, and with a studied, well-considered approach to adventure. French Periodic Table Art Print via Rockett St.

I just love the illustrations in old seed catalogs. Just bought a calendar of prints to decorate the new office!

Antique French Vegetable Plate 13 Botanical Art Print 8 x 10 Digital Collage Home Decor Wall Hanging Garden

Solomon G. Brown, poet, lecturer, and scientific technician, became the first African American employee at the Smithsonian Institution. At the age of fifteen he began working at the Washington, D.C. post office where he was assigned to assist Joseph Henry and Samuel F.B. Morse in the installation of the first Morse telegraph line in the nation.

Solomon G. Brown, by Unidentified photographer, Black and White Print, Smithsonian Institution Archives, Record Unit Box Folder Negative Number:

Hydrangea. Jan van Huysum, Dutch painter, water colour, British Museum.

Beautiful flower studies by Dutch artist Jan van Huysum. The images belong to the British Museum. Huysum was born in the Amsterdam in 1682 and became known for his paintings of lavish flower arrangements.

resembles an old architectural student's workspace.

The work of Roman and Williams is wonderful. Makes me want to be an interior designer. One day maybe I can get my place to look like some o.

Vintage Scientific Sundial Illustration by UniquelyGiftedArt

Antique scientific illustration depicting the Construction of a Sundial, A sundial is a device that tells the time of day by the apparent position of the Sun in the sky. In the narrowest sense of the word it consists of a flat plate (the dial).

Office display: NASA/Glenn Research Center. April 30, 1970

Office display: NASA/Glenn Research Center. April 30, 1970