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Partner of Luka *-*

Partner of Luka *-*

ぴくりる! 初音ミクラバーストラップ #06LOL -lots of laugh- #miku

ぴくりる! 初音ミクラバーストラップ #06LOL -lots of laugh- #miku

Apesar de mim não apoiar esse shipp o len fico super gátinho assim (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I dont like the ship (Gumi x Yūma 4 life) but love the image

Partner of Luka >.<

Partner of Luka >.


For all Megurine Luka Fans ^^ Hope you like it like I do ❤️

1417x1400 843kB

New chibi Gumi figure has an interesting look Gumi, the voice of the Vocaloid-powered Megpoid song-synthesizer software, is getting a new figure incarnation to match her recent smash-hit vocal.

Anime Vocaloid  Hatsune Miku Fondo de Pantalla

Hatsune Miku append Full HD Fondo de Pantalla and Fondo de escritorio

kaito vocaloid | Vocaloid] Kaito Shion My biggest obsession besides miku

Kaito Vocaloid, see, his overshirt thing is awful. And look what could be underneath it!