Up se daisy

Up se daisy

Voor een feestje in de tuin.

umbrella street lights ~ very enchanting. On a smaller scale, I like the idea of using cocktail umbrellas on strings of lights in the house


This picture is perfect the lines of the stairs guides the viewer to the focal point that is the light. The mystery about this picture is that the stairs is leading to Heaven

The perfect water droplet is all in how people perceive things, someone who is in a bad mental state will see the water droplet contorted and out of shape and someone who is happy will see it as perfect

Macro Fotografias

Beauty of A Drop of Water blue green colors splash splashed splashing


Big hand, little city- NYC by Brian Harris Taken from his friend's apartment window, No photoshop was used in the making o this photo!

Hier zeigen wir euch einige Bilder der britischen Fotografin Sharon Johnstone. Ursprünglich kommt sie aus dem Bereich der Kunst, widmet sich inzwischen aber fast auschließlich der Fotografie. Am liebsten bildet sie Dinge ab, die man normal gar nicht wahrni

UK-based photographer Sharon Johnstone uses her macro lens like a key to open the fascinating world of little things. She comes back with a beautiful collection of macro photographs showing tiny drops of dew on dandelions.

Natur, schon toll wo Pflanzen überall wachsen können

sh-inaam: When youre anxious or worried be patient. The key of patience opens the door of happiness.

Hazelmuis Foto: Miroslav Hlavko Shutterstock

Smiling mice — Photographer Miroslav Hlavko took this photo of two tiny dormice snuggling up together while clutching onto a dried reed after their nest was destroyed by loggers Picture: MIROSLAV.

this reminds me of fall...and halloween spider webs are so beautiful and fragile

Let Spiders Live!

I love spider webs. Once, I was lucky enough to watch a large garden spider build it's web. It was awesome. I would love the chance to watch a spider build one like this!