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Percheron stallion Ughy De Luynes —you can see why these were used as war horses.

Percheron stallion Ughy De Luynes --you can see why these were used as war horses. Even tougher than the Friesians, the Percheron war horses could accommodate the heavier armour of the later Medieval period.


My favorite overo paint coloring -- Sammy, palomino overo paint horse.

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The clear blue sky contrasting the stunning black sand beach is not hard to find in Iceland, as it can appear in several locations.

Egyptian horses - Bing Images

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So magical All except 2 of my horses,..I had 7 total. All but 2 were saved from extreme abuse. one man had the means to care for 2 left on his farm. I alone payed him $50 a horse to shoe them. He ADMITTED he no longer gave them one bit of hay even. I later gained Duke. Her was a pure mess. His tail and main were so bad, I almost considered cutting them. I HATE that look tho. Took me all day gently combing and brushing through them. His tail hit past the ground and his mane was like this<3

Friesian horses were used by the knights of the Middle Ages to charge into battle. They are so beautiful and majestic. (I love the long hair it's anyways that's what I know about friesian horses -Sadira


Funny horse picture peeking around a tree with tongue sticking out! Horses have a sense of humor, too.