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This, so much! "You're too young for double bulging disks with multiple surgeries...' Ugh, smh.

[Image: blue colored background with a Siamese cat. Top text reads: “Struggle to accept I have an illness.” Bottom text reads: “Chronic Illness Cat helps by posting illness”] I struggled for.

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This is my life with Hashimoto's / Chronic Illness! Get sudden burst of energy. Accomplish entire to do list. Spend next week in bed trying to recover from doing too much!

Since i was 10.

[Image: blue colored background with a Siamese cat.Text reads: “You’re too young for these sorts of problems;”] holy crap most annoying statement ever!

Being chronically ill requires the patience of a saint, and the determination of a sinner. sally-rouge-tumblr-com.jpg

from the amazing Dysautonomia Probs [picture of a Siamese cat’s head against a triangle-sectioned background with many shades of blue. Top line of text reads: “Desperately need sleep.

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Free, Pregnancy Ecard: I'll do my best to not judge you after the ignorant comment you just made about a health condition you know nothing about .