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Gruppo del Sella - Dolomites - AltoAdige (Italy) - Photo by Matteo Zanvettor


Beautiful places Tunnel of trees, Canada Mountain valley, Switzerland

Olympus, Greece’s highest mountain, is the main attraction in a national park rich in history, culture, and ecological diversity.

The mountains made it hard to find flat land and it also separated villages, acting as a type of wall

Sawcut Gorge - Isolated Hill Route, Marlborough, NEW ZEALAND

Sawcut Gorge - Isolated Hill Route, Marlborough, NEW ZEALAND. Isolated but spectacular routes!

Titans lab is here somewhere, I seen this in a vision, might find here some of my old toys, wait til 23 000 level to go thou…its prob infested with nightcrawlers… and bugs, u know how u hate those…yeah…. <3 Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, New Zealand, More : http://www.pinspopulars.com/5-stunning-photos-of-new-zealand-pinterest-travel/

"Cone in the Cloud" Taken below Larnachs Castle in Dunedin, Otago Peninsula, New Zealand. Disused farm buildings and hints of a volcanic past. (Photography by David Steer on

Mountains in China

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