night of a party. lena wanders back to where she washed up. ben follows. confusion ensues.

so mysterious. victorian silhouette in foggy woods: photographer unknown, not credited in source, not identifiable in tineye search

Sirenas en Bulabula.... parecen más humanas de lo que en realidad son... algunas...

Thalassa is a primordial sea goddess, daughter of Aether and Hemera. She and sea god Pontus were the parents of the nine Telchines and Halia.

Melinoe (Μηλινόη): a frightful underworld Goddess of greek mythology, who presided over the propitiations offered to the ghosts of the dead.


STRAY by Elissa Sussman This original fairy tale tells the story of Aislynn, a princess who misbehaves and must give up her royal trappings and enter a life of service as a fairy godmother. On sale: September 17