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"Don't think I didn't see you petting e neighbors dog", French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers NEVER miss a thing.

"Don't think I didn't see you petting the neighbors dog", Boston Terriers NEVER miss a thing.

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Puppy Spa day- we just had to include this :) My pup would definitely be joining me at my at-home spa day :) Haan Lohmeyer Haan Lohmeyer McCoy Jeunesse and

Thank a Dog

If you love the smell of puppy breath.Thank a Dog If you.thank you Pippin Maggie and Tomasa and Peppy

Me everynight

My sweet pup stares at me when I'm eating, or doing any and everything. With his big Boston eyes he doesn't miss a thing! ::: this is true of every Boston i have known.

I agree! What happened to Russel Crowe's dog in Gladiator? I cried when Keanu Reeves' dog died in John Wick.

I seriously absolutely feel this way. I'm way more upset when a dog dies in a movie than a human! Anyone see Hachi? That movie was so sad

Family ~ This is how I feel about my Oscar <3

"Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity human ever has to choose a relative.