alice: madness returns alice (wonderland) alice in wonderland american mcgee's alice black hair blood buckle corset dress green yes knife licking licking weapon solo tongue weapon white background

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Fan Art of Alice:Madness Returns for fans of Alice: Madness Returns Fanclub.

Dear Alice, Alice Liddell, Alice Madness Returns, Kindred Spirits, Fan Art, Geek Art, Princess, Alice In Wonderland, Searching

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OMOCAT is a prolific and internationally-renowned Asian-American artist. Her continuum of work which includes illustration, comics, and clothing is heavily influenced by Japanese media and pop culture.

"No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness" - Aristotle

this would be the costume for the mad Hatter. This costume is very intricate with a lot of little detail. This costume would be be god for the mad Hatter because it captures him well. It is also recognizable.

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