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please think about it; stop financing animal cruelty, ditch dairy #vegan

Almond Milk Vs Boiled cow pus blood & shit i mean cows milk lol

Saying vegans push their opinions on people is very incorrect...

And it's not pushing our ideas, but rather pulling the veil of "meat indoctrination" off of society. Just like Atheism, Veganism is tearing down the Church of Meat/Dairy that was forced down our throats as children

BE VEGAN and end the part you play in upholding "acceptable" violence, animal cruelty, and exploitation inside cultural "norms" of society. Acknowledge the VICTIMS of your choices and turn your heart towards justice rather than injustice. It's never too late to learn reverence for life. www.vegankit.com and www.freefromharm.org

"It's troubling when people get upset with vegans for pointing out the suffering rather than getting upset with themselves for causing it.

So true! It feels lonely and futile at times, because no one seems to care or listen

it's not giving up animal products that is difficult being vegan means that you live among the people who endorse the cause you are fighting against. The post difficult part is that you can't force people to care.

To everyone who says I'm nuts. NO... NUMBER TEN IS NUTS

10 reasons to go vegan ~ I started with vegetarian years ago, and found it to be a great diet. Then went vegan in 2010 and wow, amazing. it's a journey of understanding how it affects everything in the world including my health

3 of the best documentaries on youtube and netflix- Earthlings, Forks over knives, and Cowspiracy.

"The typical slice of cheese is fat - that's one step away from Vaseline. It's one of the unhealthiest foods you can eat. But marketers learned a long time ago that people gravitate towards cheese so they add it to everything.

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Pro vegan: whenever an animal escapes the slaughterhouse, many wants to save their life Why is that? And why don't they care about the ones who couldn't escape?

Why Eating Vegan is Not About Being Perfect, But About Being Aware

Yup, I'm vegan, and I'm certainly not perfect. It does make me feel better at least, knowing that I'm not contributing to their suffering. And causing less impact on our environment and natural resources - agreed.

#truthbomb buddhism veganism buddhist vegan

because posting nice Buddhist quotes about respecting all life, while believing its ok to eat animals, doesn't make sense

Resources!!  41 million tons of food to produce 7 million tons of food? That's crazy! Especially when its not critical to eat it. Not to mention 50% of all water going to livestock.

world hunger: animal agriculture is not sustainable - poor use of natural resources - go share natural resources

Animals Feel ~ Animals Love ~ Animals Experience ~ Animals Want To Live. "Our obligations to non-human animals are not a matter of charity or mercy; they are a matter of fundamental justice." - Gary L. Francione ● Go Vegan. Educate Others ● ADOPT/Foster

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