Color Becomes A Perception-Altering Substance In These Interactive Rooms | The Creators Project

Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Chromosaturation installation immerses the viewer in monochromatic environments.

Chromosaturation, Carlos Cruz-Diez by andyhunti, via Flickr

carlos cruz-diez site-specific environment composed of fluorescent lights with blue, red and green filters) -the aesthetic universe submerges the observer in the artist's autonomous reality of color, time and space.

How to make a light box for color and light experiments. This is a great STEM / STEAM education project.

Color and Light Experiments with a Light Box

In God We Trust NYC | cordisre: Keith Sonnier

“ Verbindung RotBlauGelb, 2002 Coloured neon lights Length, 143 m Keith Sonnier gained international renown with his light sculptures and installations. From solitary light sculptures, his work.