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Yes they still work and if you jave no more of the color you still have a whole other half waiting for you to use cx

Markimoo <3 <3 You can't look at him and not think he's a good guy ^_^ Come on! Look at him! Ug. He's too perfect!

Markiplier is one of the most appreciative people ever.also this gif made me melt all over my floor.thanks Mark.

I'm going to start doing this evey time I say "Oh My God" and I'm going to give creds to Connor every time

Connor Franta gif annnnnnnnnd adding this to the list of 5 billion things why o luv Connor!

Zoella Quote http://www.polyvore.com/tumblr/thing.outbound?.embedder=5031625&.svc=pinterest&id=77309198]

Storm & Hale (A Teen Wolf/Supernatural Crossover Fanfic)