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Joker: The Black Mirror Batman Poster by Jock Release Details

Um Top 5 de super-heróis favoritos! Mas é possível escolher apenas 5?

Gambit / Remy LeBeau Portrait by Vincent Vernacatola - Marvel Comics Art - X-Men


Premium Tee featuring Justin Maller's original "Chaos Clown" artwork from Helmetica Collection II in full bleed print.

By Raapack -

Hey Guys, Legends of the Dark Knight "A Game to Die For" part 1 of There's a new crime fighter in Gotham and he's captured the Joker for . Batman Legend Of The Dark Knight B


Funny pictures about Why so Happy Meal? Oh, and cool pics about Why so Happy Meal? Also, Why so Happy Meal?

Savage Hulk by Alex Ross

This June will see the release of Savage Hulk an anthology title similar to Savage Wolverine. Alan Davis will write and pencil the first arc, and Marvel has today unveiled Alex Ross' beautiful cover celebrating the publisher's anniversary.

Veja as algumas das melhores frases de um dos melhores vilões do cinema e dos quadrinhos, o Coringa.   Não é só por que ele é um vilão psico...

I have a fascination with the joker/devil because they represent the animalistic, chaos side of oneself. The side society wants us to repress.

Portfolio Work by Marco Fernando Torres Bermeo

The Portfolio of Marco Fernando Torres Bermeo