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Loveliness and Amazing Creatures, The Hummingbirds! Fiery-throated Hummingbird (Panterpe insignis) feeding from flowers at Cerro de la Muerte, Costa Rica.

My favorite bird and flower <3 Hummingbird and Iris <3

Hummingbird and Purple Iris--- 2 of the most beautiful things in the world. Purple Iris' are the Tennessee State Flower.

Mr. And Mrs. Northern Cardinal Acrylic Print by Bonnie Barry

Male and female Northern Cardinal. I see these beautiful birds in my feeders all of the time. The trick is to use only sunflower seeds!

Gorgeous bird pic

I absolutely love this Blue Jay sitting in this blooming Crabapple Tree ♥ ♥

The lazuli bunting is a North American songbird named for the gemstone lapis lazuli. The male is easily recognized by its bright blue head and back, its conspicuous white wingbars, and its light rusty breast and white belly.

Bicolored Antpitta (Grallaria rufocinerea) *Threatened by habitat loss.how many times must I see this preventable reason for bird species loss?