stephen talasnik- layers

Stephen Talasnik, Surveyor, 2009 (Collage and acrylic on prepared wood panel, 72 x 24 inches)

Janet Jones - Mirage #4  Collage of book papers and  monoprinted papers,deacidified,  Slightly three-dimensional. "     Image 5" x 5"  Presented in 8-ply archival mat  13" x 11"

San Francisco artist Janet Jones works in collage, mixed media, assemblage, encaustic and book art.

Ignacio Canales Aracil - pressed flower sculptures <3

Spanish artist Ignacio Canales Aracil collects flowers from the private gardens of the most renowned landscape designers in Europe and then presses them into large molds.

Reflected by Laura Lein-Svencner

Reflected, 9 x 14 collage mixed media - Collage art of Laura Lein-Svencner My good friend Laura!

Elemeno P: Graceann Warn

These wonderful assemblage pieces are by Michigan artist Graceann Warn.