Chic Parisienne This was a surprise Birthday cake for Priya who just turned 18 yesterday.Sugar ruffle and poppy cake with a touch of the.

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This is a Ron Ben-Israel cake. THAT is how a blossom cake is done, no thick brown worms with teeny little pallid flowers!

White floral wedding cake, HT

LOVE THIS: Love the cake stand. Love the lace, Love the Bow and the Vintage Flower. Chan Stanley - Wanna make our wedding cake and Wilson - Wanna make cupcakes for the guests?

Red, Black and White

Red, Black and White Wedding Cake, made for a photo shoot and TV Ad for the re-opening of a Wedding Reception Venue.

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The Formal Wedding Cake Of course, if everything else is going to be formal, the wedding cake should be as well. This beautiful couture-style cake is absolutely elegant and gorgeous and perfect for a formal wedding.

Wedding planning timeline: At nine months out, order your wedding cake. De la Creme Creative Studio.

How Not Having a Wedding Planning Timeline Makes You a Rookie!

Gold, black and white striped wedding cake with sugar anemones and roses in peach. Including a beautiful edible gold glitter tier!