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The death stare. This is very helpful in my classroom... My students call it' the stink eye' !

Having an INTJ sister, I can agree wholeheartedly that this is an accurate depiction.

Yes! Finally, someone gets me..

This is about being an ENFP personality type, but a lot of it (especially the "skip B" part) is relevant for ADHD!

INFP Problems

INFP Personality - I can definitely be like this. And it flips like a switch. I can be laughing and having a good time with friends or family and then it's like switch gets flipped and I completely shut down.

Oh... This is soooo me.

infp confessions # - I go one further. I judge those who insist on messing up their own lives. They deserve to treat themselves better.

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The difference in an INTJ female vs. other females is categorically and unconditionally the way she THINKS. The rest is still all woman.

That awkward moment when you realize that most people think you're more manly than most men. (as in having bigger balls) As a Female INTJ this actually happens a lot.