Sinking of the Titanic

Titanic time line of when everything took place. Just a little bit off and my grandfather would have been a baby on the sinking Titanic. luckily for me he was on another ship Built by Harland & Wolff

First time ever! Wallace Hartley's violin on display in the USA. Titanic Museum and Attraction in Pigeon Forge,  Tennessee,  5-22-13!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

, you can see the long-lost Titanic Violin on display at the Titanic Museum Attraction. This iconic artifact belonged to Titanic band leader, Wallace Hartley. White Star Line

The Titanic on the floor of the ocean...super eerie.

Full Titanic wreck site mapped for the first time.To dive at the Titanic wreck site!

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The first Titanic movie came out a month after the ship sank and starred a real-life survivor. Actress Dorothy Gibson, who’d escaped on the first life boat to launch from the ship, was reluctant to relive the trauma, but producers urged her to push.

One of the last photographs of Titanic. Taken from the shore of Ireland.

Rms titanic rare grainy last know photo 1912 white star passenger ship line

Thomas Byles (A priest) on the titanic refused a place on a life boat twice, and stayed behind to hear confessions and give absolution to people left on the ship.

Father Thomas Roussel Davids Byles was an English Catholic priest who famously remained on board the RMS Titanic as she was sinking after colliding with an iceberg, hearing confessions and giving absolution.

Titanic...passengers shot!

The Titanic Captain took out a pistol & shot men who were trying to get into the life boats, endangering the women & children.

The third class gates and doors were ordered to be unlocked when the ship started sinking.

Titanic Fact The third class gates and doors were ordered to be unlocked when the ship started sinking.

Titanic's Darkest Secrets: I don't have time but this is definitely a pin now read later

Titanic’s Darkest Secrets

Funny pictures about Titanic's Darkest Secrets. Oh, and cool pics about Titanic's Darkest Secrets. Also, Titanic's Darkest Secrets photos.