Gaara, Shikamaru Nara, shadow Imitation Technique

Gaara win :"D

Shukaku, meet Gaara by ~Lizeth on deviantART

Belletiger suggested I draw Gaara and Shukaku, and after some deliberation and tossing of ideas with SundogReverse, I figured it was do-able.

Naruto » Humor » Comic | Teaching Gaara Romance: "I see! I never knew there were such means of torture!" I #gaara #kakashi

XD Gaara will never understand love.

funny+naruto | Re: Funny Naruto Pics

Note the do not annoy the giant fox warning Naruto is trying to give

Himawari Prank by MintAnnComics

Himawari wanted to be mischievous like her brother, Bolt, but her prank goes south real fast. As a Uzumaki, she of course loves ramen Himawari Prank

naruto invites gaara to his wedding .all here :

Wedding Invites- Gaara This is how I pictured it went. I love my bb Gaara


Yeah, no kidding. I think that is when Gaara looked the best.


Naruhina: Family by bluedragonfan on DeviantArt. This is the cutest thing ever!

Gaara & Shikadai

uncle gaara with baby shikadai "Do you like sand castles?

Gaara of the Sand | My picture pinterest - @xaxdreax | #Gaara #Naruto #Anime…

Gaara of the Sand

narusaku lemon - Google Search

Sasuhina and Narusaku

sasori | Tumblr

Sansori is the shortest member of Akatsuki


Don't worry Gaara, me neither.

Baby Gaara by on @deviantART

its always the one you least suspect

Haha  Poor Hinata.. nobody caught her.. Kushina and Sakura were much more lucky ❤️❤️

nobody caught her. Kushina and Sakura were much more lucky ❤️❤️