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The Peak of Chic®: Homage to Tony Duquette. Red pipe cleaners are the faux coral branches.

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the Tony Duquette-themed holiday windows at Bergdorf's (well deserved buzz, I might add).

Lately I've been drawn to malachite. Can you imagine bathing in a malachite tub? Excuse me while I light a candle and slip into my gemsto...er...bathtub.

Lately I've been drawn to malachite. Can you imagine bathing in a malachite tub?

Malachite Bath Tub

Stunning malachite bathtub for the ultimate luxury seekers [Design: Luca Bojola / Baldi]

Marvellous. Magnifico. Malachite!

Jorge Varela - turquoise geode wallpaper, brass pendant lamp, circular brass framed mirror- great for half bathroom

Organizing a small closet is all about quality vs quantity. Showcase what you LOVE to see! The original Ray Ban aviator in Black

Powder room by Interior designer Shelley Johnstone Paschke from the 15th biennial Lake Forest Show house designed in 1916 by famed architect David Adler.  Photos courtesy of Veranda.

Malachite ceiling by Shelley Johnstone Paschke. Home Decor small kitchen design small kitchen picture small kitchen design kitchen .

Malachite relieves cold sweats, malaria, trembling and Parkinson's disease, and helps with asthma, intestinal problems and rheumatic pain. It is a diuretic stone and can help cure kidney and gallstones.  It fights osteoarthritis, most notably in the spine, and strengthens memory, especially for those with short-term memory loss who forget the names of people right after hearing them

Malachite is often formed when copper ores, found around limestones, are weathered and begin to oxidize. Like many copper compounds, it is green. As a result, it was used as an artist’s pigment until around